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Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday6:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Friday6:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Office Location

210 E. Wetmore St.
Manteca California 95337

Main Office Phone Number

(209) 456-8440

Mark Houghton, Public Works Director
Trash Collection

Residential Trash Collection Service
Residential trash is picked up weekly in brown carts. Residents may choose which size trash collection cart they want to use (Small, Medium or Large). Price is based upon size. carts are placed in the gutter, 3 feet from other carts and 5 feet from any parked vehicles. carts are to be put out the night before or by 5:00 am on their scheduled pick up date.

Carts must be removed from curb after pick up. Failure to do so may result in a court appearance and/or fines.

In accordance with the Manteca Municipal code, Section 8.12.150 Refuse and recycling containers-Location. Paragraph B:
Refuse and recycling containers shall not be placed at the curb prior to sundown on the day prior to collection. All containers shall be removed from curb within such collection day.

Got Extra Garbage?
The City offers "stickers" for those times when you might have extra garbage. You are allowed 3 stickers each calendar year. If you have an extra bag of garbage, put a sticker on it and place it out next to your brown cart on your regular collection day and it will be picked up at no extra charge. You may pick up these stickers at the Finance Department (1001 W. Center Street) Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Additionally you may pick up extra garbage stickers at the Solid Waste office (210 E. Wetmore Street), between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. Stickers are normally available beginning in late December for the next calendar year.

Still Got Extra Garbage? The City offers a "Community Clean-Up" bin. This is a 2-cubic-yard bin that you can have delivered to your home, free of charge, for 24 hours. You can fill it with everyday household garbage. No concrete, dirt, auto parts or hazardous materials are allowed. This is also available to you once a year. Call 456-8440 for more information. (Calling in advance is always good, because this service gets booked quickly and may not be available on the day that you need it.)

Cart Collection Calendar
Click HERE to view the 2019 Cart Collection Calendar. (Adobe pdf file)


  • Never put hot ashes or coals into any cart. They are plasic and can melt. You may be held responsible for their replacement costs ($117.82 each).
  • Animal feces and litter should be bagged and placed in your trash (brown) cart. Never put animal feces in your blue or green carts.
  • Shredded paper should always be bagged and placed in your trash (brown) cart.
  • If shredded paper an styrofoam peanuts are not bagged, they will blow all over when they are dumped; bagging them will help keep your neighborhood clean.

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