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Child Safety Programs


Kelly-Tour Photo 03-13Members of the Manteca Police Department encourage parents to become involved in their children’s lives. This starts at birth and goes well beyond the college years. The police department has a number of safety programs to help make those kids lives safer.

Megan’s Law and Stranger Danger.

By appointment you can have a member of the police department attend meetings in your neighborhood, club or school to discuss with adult stranger danger issues and view the Meganís Law computer files of registered sex offenders. This meeting will normally provide information on how you as a parent or child care provider can help identify the risk child faces everyday by strangers and also with the help of Meganís Law Computer, you will be able to identify potential people who put your kids at risk. You can call 209-456-8161 to set up this education program.

Stranger Danger Education for Kids.

Most kids in the Manteca Unified School District will be exposed to some stranger danger education from teacher or the police department. However, if your neighborhood, club, church or youth provider group would like to have a 20 minute refresher course for your kids on "Run, Yell and Tell" please call the crime prevention unit for details. 209-456-8161.

NNO 2013-1 Operation KidID.

The police department encourages parents to have ready a photograph of their child just in case they are lost or even worst kidnapped. Manteca participates in the AMBER alert program and has in place procedures for locating of missing children, who are not victims of kidnap or foul play. Each of these programs relies heavily on a current photograph to help identify the missing child. The police department holds in partnership with a number of community organizations the Child or KidID program. This program identifies the child with a photograph, hair samples and other simple information. You can obtain the ID kit from the police department. There is normally no cost associated with these ID kits and they need to be updated at least once a year. For more information you can call 209-456-8161.

Child Seat Inspections

The traffic division of the police department can by appointment inspect your care seat. The law has changed to say that every child must be placed in a properly secured and approved car seat until they are 60 pounds and 6 years old. The traffic division will inspect your seat to make sure it complies with current standards and will assist in showing you how to properly install the seat. You can set up this appointment by calling 209-456-8101 and asking for the traffic division.

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