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On March 20, 2006, the Manteca City Council approved the formation of a fire department auxiliary group known as SAFE for Seniors Assisting Fire Effort. Manteca's SAFE program is affiliated with Fire Corps which is a nationwide partner program of the federal program known as Citizen Corps. These programs are designed to provide citizen advocates with a mechanism to support their local governments through a donation of time and talent.

SAFE focuses on unique areas of non-operational support that are critical to the Manteca Fire Department's mission. SAFE is not a Volunteer Firefighter program. Instead, it is a variety of important and creative projects in which almost anyone can actively participate. Possible volunteer activities include accounting, clerical support, construction, engineering, fundraising, mechanical repairs, public affairs, grant writing, dispatch duties, computer support, building maintenance and public safety education.

SAFE creates the connection between the fire department and the community, providing a vehicle for citizens to find out more about city government and emergency services in Manteca. There are many necessary tasks that can be performed by citizens from our community in the fire service every day. The list is endless, bound only by your imagination. So check out SAFE and become part of the Team today

You may pick up an application to join SAFE at any Manteca Fire Station, or you can download an application here by clicking on one of the following two links. After we receive your application, a member of SAFE will contact you to schedule an interview and question and answer session with SAFE management.

Both of these computerized options require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. A free copy of the reader is available at <>.

This link is a application that you can 1)print on your local computer, 2)manually complete in ink, and 3)mail to the address below.

This link is an online form that you can 1)fill out online, 2)print on your local printer, 3)Sign and initial in requested spaces, 4)mail to the address below.

Safe Monthly Timecard

Manteca Fire Department
SAFE Program
1154 S. Union Road
Manteca, CA 95337

Do not forward a copy of your drivers license as stated in the forms, please bring this with you when SAFE management schedules your interview.

Thanks for your interest in the Manteca Fire Department SAFE program