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NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Downtown Parking Lot and Alleyway ConstructionConstruction for the rehabilitation of 4 city-owned parking lots, 6 privately-owned parking lots, and 4 city-owned alleyway sections in the downtown area. HighJohanna FerrieraConstruction11.20.18 - 03.29.19 City Council0$850,000.00$850,000.00
City Clerk
NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Citywide Records Management ProgramManaging records and information, including structured business processes and controls for managing and protecting information assets throughout their life cycle, and providing transparency to the citizens and support to internal departments. HighLisa BlackmonEffective & Efficient Government07.04.17 - 06.30.21 In Process10$300,000.00$140,000.00
Electronic Agreement ExecutionElectronic signature software will increase efficiency, ensure legal compliance, provide real time processing with vendors/consultants, and eliminates the wet signature requirement. HighLisa BlackmonEffective & Efficient Government02.01.19 - 06.28.19 Under Development0$10,000.00$10,000.00
Community Development
NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
General Plan UpdateUpdate of the General Plan to plan for growth over the next 20-years. MediumJ.D. HightowerReport06.01.17 - 02.28.19 In Process60$800,000.00$820,000.00
General Plan Envrionmental Impact ReportEnvironmental Impact Report for the General Plan Update On HoldJ.D. HightowerReport03.01.19 - 12.31.190
Atherton Gap Improvement Project - ConstructionConstruct Atherton Drive from Union Road to Sparrowhawk Street HighGreg ShowermanConstruction01.01.18 - 02.28.19 In Process60$4,447,528.00$4,905,000.00
Project Tracking Software RFP & ResponseComprehensive plan check, permitting, and inspection software HighBrad WungluckSoftware01.01.18 - 12.31.19 In Process5$5,500.00$325,000.00
Citywide Truck Route StudyThe Citywide Truck Route Study will be moving forward with Fehr & Peers MediumJ.D. HightowerReport06.01.18 - 03.29.19 In Process20$119,000.00$125,000.00
2018 PFIP Sewer, Water and Storm Drain Update - RFP / Consultant SelectionIn accordance with the 2013 Public Facilities Implementation Plan Update, perform the 2018 major five year update. Under DevelopmentGreg ShowermanStudy07.02.18 - 06.28.19 Under Development0$368,750.00
French Camp Outlet Canal Master Plan StudyMaster Plan for the FCOC identifying capacity, constraints, and recommended improvements HighGreg ShowermanReport04.10.18 - 03.29.19 In Process35$310,000.00$310,000.00
Transit Center Shade Structure Repair Project - ConstructionConstruction project to repair the damaged steel rigid bent and light gage purlins HighGreg ShowermanConstruction08.01.18 - 12.31.18 In Process10$175,000.00$200,000.00
Daniels Street Extension Project - Improvement Plans & SpecificationsConstruct Daniels Street from the current terminus west of Costco to McKinley Ave. in anticipation of Great Wolf Lodge opening HighGreg ShowermanDesign05.15.18 - 12.31.19 In Process85$420,000.00$440,125.00
Manteca Library Roof RepairConstruction project to replace the existing 30+ year old roof, replace dry rotted matterial, and apply fresh paint to the trim and soffit HighGreg ShowermanConstruction07.02.18 - 12.31.18 In Process10$43,135.00$500,000.00
Economic Development
NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Auction/Sale of former Redevelopment PropertiesAuction of 3 Successor Agency sites (1115 S. Airport, 682 S. Main, 555 Industrial Park) and 1 Housing Successor site (282 N. Airport) HighDon SmailProperty Sale12.01.14 - 09.28.18 In Process90
Habitat Conservation Easement on Hayes LandNegotiate with SJCOG for sale of habitat conservation easement over the Hayes farm parcel to secure additional funding for FEZ project infrastructure. HighDon SmailProperty Mgmt.07.03.17 - 07.27.18 In Process75
Grant Funding for Daniels St. Extension within the FEZPrepare and submit an application to federal EDA for an infrastructure grant to assist with the construction of Daniels St. for development o the FEZ/GWR HighDon SmailGrant Application06.04.18 - 09.21.18 In Process75
NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Budget SoftwareMulti-user budgeting software to assist and simplify the tracking, analyzing and reporting of the City's Operating and Capital Budget. HighTracie MadisonDesign07.02.18 - 06.28.19 Unfunded$100,000.00$.00
Fire Department
NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Fire Station No. 5-ConstructionConstruct Fire Station No. 5 at the northwest corner of Atherton and Woodward. Call volume in this area has increased significantly as the area has developed. This station will handle the area south of 120 and east of Main Street. Additionally the station will respond to calls on Highway 99 (NB and SB between Yosemite and Jack Tone) and State Route 120 (east of Main). In 2017 the Station No. 5 First Due District had 967 calls for service. We expect this to continue to rapidly increase as more homes are added. Construction of the Station will take approximately 18-20 months from the time the funds are allocated. If the station were funded today, it is likely that we will have over 1,200 calls for service in the area by the time the station opens. HighLantz ReyCapital06.19.18 - 01.01.20 In Process30$4,500,000.00$4,500,000.00
Replacement RMS systemThe department has used Firehouse RMS for records management for 15 years. The program is antiquated, unreliable and customer support is non-existent. Firehouse was purchased by another company in July of 2017 with the intent of transitioning existing customers away from Firehouse and onto their platform. Fire Staff has reviewed the other company's product and is not interested in moving forward. MediumDavid MarquesTechnology07.02.18 - 06.28.19 In Process10$33,000.00$33,000.00
Fire Facility Fee UpdateThe Fire Facility Fee was last updated in 2011. It's recommended that these fees be adjusted every 5 years. The fee is intended to ensure development helps to pay for the construction of new fire stations as needed. HighLantz Rey07.02.18 - 01.01.19 In Process0$25,000.00$25,000.00
Emergency Operations CenterThe Emergency Operations Center (EOC)is an integral part of the city’s ability to effectively mitigate city wide disasters and successfully seek Federal and State reimbursement. When activated the EOC will be the central hub of all City functions, including day to day operations. It will be the only location where Department Heads, Council Members and other critically important personnel are located. Over the last several years staff has worked to establish a functional EOC that has already been used in several training exercises. With the help of San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services our EOC has been set up to act as a back-up for South County Operations during a cataclysmic event. The city’s Emergency Management Team is continually updating the EOC’s infrastructure and operational parameters in order to meet any challenge. In ProcessDavid MarquesEmergency Management07.03.17 - 03.29.19 In Process90$650,000.00$650,000.00
Anti-Overdose EMS protocolThe new EMS protocol will allow MFD personnel to administer the anti-overdose drug, Narcan. Additionally, the EMS protocal will allow our personnel to now adminsiter epinephrine for persons with life threatening allergic reactions. In ProcessDavid MarquesEMS01.01.18 - 12.31.18 In Process85$9,000.00$9,000.00
Revised Policy and Procedure ManualThe department's policy and procedures manual is out of date and not in compliance with city policy and fire department best practices. In ProcessChris JelinekAdministration12.01.17 - 03.29.19 In Process60$7,000.00$7,000.00
Update Disptach TechnologyIncludes the implementation of a new Computer Aided Dispatch System at our contract Disptach Center, On engine Mobile Disptach ipads, and GPS vehicle location. The updated technology will allow for the closest avalialbe fire resource to be dispatched to an emergency. This technology is expected to help improves response time. In ProcessLantz ReyTechnology07.03.17 - 01.01.19 In Process75$50,000.00$50,000.00
Security Gates at StationsThis is the combination of three Capital projects; security gates have been requested at station no. 1 and 3. In the FY 18/19 budget we have requested the third and final gate at station no. 2. LowBill CanfieldCapital01.01.18 - 06.28.19 Behind Schedule5$81,000.00$81,000.00
Telestaff UpgradeTelestaff is the software program used by Fire and Police for staffing. The server that currently services this software program is over ten years old and in need of replacement. In ProcessChris JelinekTechnology01.01.18 - 06.29.18 Behind Schedule0
New Fire EngineCreate specifications, conduct bid process and purchase new type 1 fire engine (from allocation of funds to delivery is approx. 1 year). MediumBill CanfieldLarge Equipment07.02.18 - 06.28.19 Unfunded0$600,000.00
Standards of CoverThe project proposes to conduct a professional study on field deployment and headquarters staffing. The proposed study will address the adequacy of the existing deployment of resources and identify potential deficiencies in headquarter operations. Additionally, the proposed study will identify areas where the department exceeds or is deficient, based on accepted best practices and national standards. Further the Study will address the potential economic impacts associated with losing a business that generates tax revenue for the City. MediumChris JelinekAdministration07.01.19 - 11.01.19 Unfunded0$50,000.00
Public Safety Training Facility555 Industrial Park (Qualex) is no longer available to Public Safety for training. The Fire Department used this facility for numerous types of training in the past including using the building for primary fire attack, search and rescue, roof ventilation, firefighter survival, driver operator course, and ladders. The proposed tower would meet this need until a permanent joint public safety training facility can be designed and funding for construction identified. MediumDavid Marques07.01.19 - 06.26.20 Unfunded0$550,000.00
Communications Upgrade/RepairThis is a combination of multiple communication projects, including: new radio tower at station no. 3, connection of fiber optics from the transit center to fire station no. 1 (and the water well), backup data connections for stations 2,3,4. MediumBill Canfield07.01.19 - 06.26.20 Unfunded30$86,000.00
Human Resources/Risk Managment
NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Americans with Disability Act Transition PlanThe ADA transition plan process will being around March. A comprehensive study of all sidewalks and walkways was completed in 2017; the transition plan will identify priorities to repair and update areas that do not meet all the criteria of the new codes. On HoldJoe KriskovichADA03.19.18 - 03.01.21 On Hold
City Wide Tree InventoryWorking with Parks Maintenance Department to develop an RFP for categorizing and identifying all city trees and their corresponding locaitions within the city. HighJoe Kriskovich/Cody RossRisk06.01.18 - 06.28.19 In Process$140,000.00
Police Officer RecruitmentRecruitment of Police Officers HighDawn LichtiRecruitment02.01.18 - 08.01.18 In Processongoing
Building PurchaseHuman Resources, Information Technology and the Emergency Operations Center are all leasing space at 302 Cherry Lane. Explore option of purchasing as opposed to leasing and freeing up additonal space for other operations at City Hall. UnfundedJoe KriskovichBuilding Purchase02.01.19 - 06.25.21 Unfunded
Citywide Total Compensation StudyA Request for Proposal will be sent to qualifed vendors on September 4, 2018 for conducting a citywide compensation study. The resutls of the study should be available mid December 2018. HighJoe KriskovichHuman Resources09.04.18 - 12.17.18 In Process$50,000.00
Information Technology
NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Access Control System UpgradeReplace PassPoint hardware and software with Gallagher system as in use at transit Center HighTim DykeHardware/Software03.26.18 - 10.31.18 In Process40$120,000.00
GIS - Web Viewer/PortalGIS Viewer Builds Internal/External HighPennie ArounsackDesign Under Development95
GIS - Address Inventory ProjectX/Y Collection of All City Addresses MediumPennie ArounsackPlanning01.31.20 - 02.01.20 In Process20
GIS - ArcGIS Pro MigrationMigrating To New Pro Architecture MediumPennie ArounsackSoftware01.01.18 - 12.31.18 In Process15
GIS - Census 2020Participating in US Census MediumPennie ArounsackPlanning04.01.20 - 04.02.20 In Process50
GIS - GIS Page and HUBCreation of New GIS Page and HUB MediumPennie ArounsackDesign06.30.17 - 07.01.18 In Process45
Internet Speed UpgradeObtain New 1 Gbps Internet Circuit MediumTim DykePlanning12.20.17 - 11.09.18 In Process50$18,000.00$18,000.00
IT Master Plan MediumTim DykePlanning12.18.18 - 04.30.19 On Hold$40,000.00
Network Switch Upgrades MediumSophal RosHardware02.06.18 - 11.30.18 In Process85$30,000.00$30,000.00
Phone System Server UpgradeBuild new email server and migrate database MediumSophal RosHardware/Software04.10.18 - 03.29.19 On Hold
Police CAD System UpgradeUpgrade and data conversion from Microsoft Platform to Enterprise CAD HighPennie ArounsackSoftware07.19.17 - 10.31.18 In Process95
Police/Fire Scheduling Software UpgradeUpgrade Public Safety Scheduling System to Cloud-Based System HighTim DykeSoftware01.08.18 - 12.28.18 In Process15$51,058.00$51,058.00
Web Site Platform MigrationMove from HTML/.NET hybrid to SharePoint 2016 MediumWill WebbDesign01.26.18 - 11.30.18 In Process50
Transit Center A/V RepairsPlanning11.01.18 - 12.28.18 On Hold$30,000.00$.00
Parks & Recreation
NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Golf Clubhouse Exterior Staircase Structure RestorationRemoval and replacement of two existing staircases due to disrepair/rot HighMichael RosalesConstruction09.24.18 - 01.22.19 In Process5$88,000.00$100,000.00
Northgate Picnic Area Renovation - PlanningRemoval and replacement of existing shelter, restroom renovation and general site improvements HighMichael RosalesDesign11.01.18 - 02.28.19 In Process25$1,150,000.00
Senior Center ImprovementsBathroom/Entry Improvements and other miscellaneous building improvements HighMichael RosalesBidding10.03.18 - 11.01.18 In Process0$76,000.00$654,990.37
BMX Track RenovationBMX Track renovation HighMichael RosalesDesign08.06.18 - 11.30.18 In Process10$5,000.00$60,000.00
Union Tennis Court Surface and Crack RepairCrack repair and resurfacing of tennis courts MediumMichael RosalesDesign07.16.18 - 10.22.18 In Process50$140,000.00
Diamond Oaks Playground RestorationReplacement of antiquated play equipment within the 2-5 and 5-12 play areas at Diamond Oaks Park. Addition of play ramps, seatwalls and engineered wood fiber to the play areas. MediumMichael RosalesBidding08.20.18 - 10.26.18 In Process85$153,000.00
Tidewater Bike Trail Re-surfacingResurfacing of the Tidewater Bike trail from Spreckels Ave to West Lathrop Road. MediumMichael RosalesBidding07.01.18 - 10.26.18 In Process10$120,000.00
Lincoln Park - Picnic Tables and Shade CanopyAdd additional tables and shade structure LowMichael RosalesPlanning10.15.18 - 11.30.18 In Process0$20,000.00
Union Tennis Court Screen ReplacementReplace the screens on the tennis court fencing LowMichael RosalesConstruction75$5,745.75$10,000.00
Citywide Tree InventoryInventory of existing owned/maintained trees City wide HighCody RossBidding07.24.18 - 10.26.18 In Process95$140,000.00
Central Irrigation Controller UpgradesReplacement of 23 Motorola Centralized Irrigation Controllers MediumCody RossBidding07.01.18 - 06.30.19 In Process0$38,000.00
Parks and Recreation Master Plan ImplementationFeasibility Study for the top 3 items in the master plans and to identify potential locations and prepare cost estimates for Pool/Aquatic Center, Gymnasium/Recreation Center, Sports Fields. HighKevin Fant/Toni LundgrenPlanning07.01.18 - 10.26.18 In Process95$185,000.00
Lincoln Pool Maintenance, Upgrades and RenovationsLincoln Pool Renovations to include new skimmers, fiberglass finishing, new tile and new heater MediumCody RossPlanning07.01.18 - 06.30.19 In Process0$80,000.00
Civic Center Turf RemovalRemoval of areas of existing turf and replacement with drought tolerant landscaping On HoldMichael RosalesNone Unfunded0$105,000.00
Parks and Recreation Revenue Ballot Measure PreparationConsultant contract to assist staff with a tax measure feasability survey to help determine ballot measure viability and consultant services through a revenue ballot measure process for the 2020 general election cycle. On HoldKevin Fant/Toni LundgrenPlanning Unfunded0$130,000.00$.00
Library Park Spray Pad Retrofit and Restroom UpgradeRenovation to existing spray pad from flow-through system to treated re-circulation system On HoldMichael RosalesPlanning Unfunded0$765,000.00$.00
Woodward Community Park - Concession and Restroom BuildingsInstallation of concession and restroom building in north west side of park On HoldMichael RosalesPlanning Unfunded0$1,050,000.00$.00
Golf Club House RenovationsReplace carpet/flooring, and blinds/window coverings upstairs in the clubhouse at the Golf Course. On HoldToni LundgrenPlanning Unfunded0$160,000.00$.00
Woodward Community Park - Picnic UpgradesAddition of small Picnic shade shelters, tables and barbecues. On HoldMichael RosalesPlanning Unfunded0$285,000.00$.00
Recreation Office RenovationParks & Recreation Office Renovations which would include: office paint, new carpet, new office furniture, new office counters, and blinds/shades, to meet ADA standards. On HoldToni LundgrenPlanning Unfunded0$350,000.00$.00
Golf Course Cart PathsFourth and final phase of construction of concrete cart paths from green to tee for holes 4 through 9. On HoldJoe VolkPlanning Unfunded0$590,000.00$.00
Police Department
NameProject DescriptionPriorityStatusProject ManagerProject CategoryTimeline% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
PD MCC 7500 Dispatch Console UpdateMPD communications center is in the process of installing a new Motorola Astro 25 K2 Core infrastructure with the MCC 7500 P25 dispatch consoles. These are standalone dispatch consoles tha tconnect to conventional systems. The proposed system has many components, all that will fill the needs of our department for the next two decades. The current system is close to 20 years old and will be obsolete by the end of 2018. Total cost of this project is anticipated to total approximately $600,000.00 In ProcessGoeken/PerryEquipment upgrade03.16.18 - 12.10.18 In Process10$600,000.00$640,000.00
Drone programEstablish a drone program and purchase drones In ProcessPaul CarmonaEquipment11.11.19 - 01.01.20 In Process75$24,600.00$24,600.00
Citywide camera systemIdentify the camera vendor and install cameras In ProcessCharlie GoekenEquipment02.08.18 - 01.17.19 In Process25
Police Department Front Lobby RenovationConstruction changes to ensure safety and ergonomical environment in records is improved. In ProcessEstarziau/GoekenConstruction02.27.18 - 01.24.19 In Process
District Attorney Discovery Request Process changeCurrently working on a dropbox program to replace very complex discovery request process with district attorney's office. Plan is to develop a process where all discovery evidence can be placed in one file and transmitted to the DA's office via email for easy retrieval. Working with other agencies to provide countywide system for consistency. In ProcessDonaldson/MillerSoftware Development12.21.17 - 11.13.18 In Process
Critical Incident Protocal Investigative ChangesWMPD currently working with countywide committee to make changes In ProcessGoeken/Miller/SchluerPolicy Changes02.27.18 - 12.05.18 In Process
Telestaff UpgradeTelestaff is the software program used by Police and Fire for staffing. The server that currently services this software program is over ten years old and in need of replacement. In ProcessPaul CarmonaEquipment11.02.18 - 02.01.19 In Process50
New VehiclesIn order to maintain a safe and efficient police fleet, the department is looking to purchase 3 new marked (black and white) police cars, 2 new unmarked police vehicles for our special assignment units and 1 Harley Davidson police motorcycle for the traffic unit. In ProcessPaul CarmonaEquipment11.01.18 - 01.01.19 In Process75$266,000.00$266,000.00
License Plate Readers (LPR)Charlie GoekenEquipment11.06.18 - 04.15.19 In Process10$400,000.00$400,000.00
Public Works
NameProject DescriptionPriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget AvailablePerson
2017 Annual Pavement Maintenance ProjectPavement maintenance MediumNathan DahlenConstruction04.02.18 - 11.30.18 In Process95$1,185,840.50$1,185,840.50
2018 Annual Pavement Maintenance ProjectAnnual Pavement Management Project MediumNathan DahlenConstruction04.02.18 - 11.30.18 In Process95$1,428,319.50$1,428,319.50
Airport - Yosemite to DanielsWidening Airport Way from Yosemite Avenue to Daniels Street MediumNathan DahlenEnvironmental01.02.18 - 12.29.18 In Process50$2,460,000.00
Bio-Filter RehabRepair biofilters and IPS air processing MediumBret SwainDesign01.05.16 - 09.27.19 On Hold65$1,572,000.00
Digester CMMS Work OrdersRCM, dev. PMs & asset hierarchy MediumAlfredo MijangoConstruction05.25.17 - 09.03.18 In Process99$397,220.00$397,220.00
Well 28 & 29 Asset ManagementRCM, dev. PMs & asset hierarchy MediumAlfredo MijangoConstruction07.03.18 - 02.01.19 In Process50
Digester Improvements ProjectDigester, codigestion and gas production improvements HighBret SwainConstruction11.08.16 - 05.07.19 In Process66$20,185,601.45$20,791,169.49
FOG Receiving FacilityInstall FOG Receiving facility for Codigestion HighBret SwainConstruction11.25.16 - 10.31.18 In Process75
Food Separator InstallationInstall Food Waste Separation Equipment at Lovelace Facility HighBret SwainConstruction0
Food Waste Receiving FacilityInstall Food Waste Receiving Facility for Codigestion HighBret SwainConstruction01.09.17 - 10.31.18 In Process85
Main Street: Yosemite Avenue to Atherton Drive-ConstructionConstruction: Repair and Resurface roadway HighKoosun KimConstruction10.01.18 - 02.28.19 In Process10$1,000,000.00
Yosemite Avenue: Main Street to Cottage Avenue-ConstructionConstruction: Repair and resurface roadway HighKoosun KimConstruction10.30.18 - 05.31.19 Under Development10$1,515,000.00
Main Street Widening Feasibility Study: Yosemite Ave to Alameda StProject Approval and Environmental Clearance HighKoosun KimFeasibility Study01.01.18 - 12.31.18 In Process80$48,648.00$1,000,000.00
McKinley Property Demolition Phase 3Demolish structures for new highway overcrossing In ProcessNathan DahlenConstruction07.31.18 - 10.31.18 In Process95$50,000.00$75,000.00
North Manteca Trunk SewerReplace existing 36-inch sewer force main with 54 inch gravity Sewer Main serving Manteca north of SR120 HighBret SwainROW, PS&E05.03.16 - 11.20.18 Behind Schedule95$613,750.00$613,750.00
Retroreflective Traffic Sign ProjectDevelop and implement a plan to maintain traffic signs in accordance with CMUTCD Section 2A.08. In ProcessKoosun KimPS&E08.01.17 - 03.31.20 In Process40$382,000.00$400,000.00
San Joaquin County AgVenture3rd grade educational outreach field trip MediumDagmara SainiPlanning12.01.17 - 12.31.18 On Hold5
PW Admin BuildingNew building LowGeorge MontrossDesign05.01.18 - 12.31.18 In Process10$1,500,000.00
South Plant Aeration Basin OptimizationReplace diffusers, blowers, valving and controls to reduce energy usage HighBret SwainConstruction08.14.18 - 06.27.19 In Process3$4,460,286.00$5,094,561.20
Springtime Estates Improvement Project-DesignPavement repairs at the Springtime Estates Subdivision. MediumTransportation EngineerPS&E01.08.18 - 07.31.18 In Process30$46,000.00$120,000.00
Traffic Signal UpdateAssess the existing traffic signals and develop a plan for replacing and updating traffic signals timing. In ProcessKoosun KimPS&E08.23.17 - 03.31.20 In Process40$478,000.00$450,000.00
Union Rd & Louise Ave Sewer Main Rehabiliation & Maintenance ProjectCIPP Lining of existing 30" trunk line on Louise Ave and Union Rd HighAna ChionoConstruction01.30.18 - 09.28.18 In Process99$2,736,488.65$108,985.42
UV Air Conditioning SystemReplace the air condition for the UV Control LowBret SwainPS&E$313,000.00
Well 28 & 29 Equipping Project Construction (CIP 13007)Construction management of two well sites HighElba MijangoConstruction06.06.18 - 02.08.19 In Process10$8,100,000.00$8,400,000.00
Woodward & Wellington/Pillsbury Ave Ped Crossing-ConstructionInstall Flashing Beacon and LED Stop Signs HighNathan DahlenConstruction05.21.18 - 10.31.18 In Process35$350,000.00$750,000.00
WQCF SCADA Master PlanDoc existing & future SCADA, control system MediumAlfredo MijangoDesign12.21.17 - 12.04.18 In Process50$262,820.00$262,820.00
SR120/Union Road Interchange (IC) Project - ConstructionConstruct a Diverging Diamond IC (DDI) HighKoosun KimConstruction11.30.18 - 12.31.19 Under Development5$26,900,000.00$26,900,000.00
SR120/McKinley Ave Interchange (IC) Project - ConstructionConstruct a New IC with On & Off-Ramps HighKoosun KimConstruction09.02.19 - 09.30.20 Under Development0$45,800,000.00$41,600,000.00
Compressed Biogas Fueling Facility, Phase IIcomplete Biogas Fueling Facility HighBret SwainConstruction03.06.18 - 03.23.19 In Process0$8,739,000.00$8,739,000.00
Well 30-Nile Garden ProjectGrant application for new potable water well In ProcessElba MijangoFeasibility Study04.03.18 - 09.27.19 In Process10
1,2,3-TCP Mitigation ProjectRFP for Design Build Potable Water Well Treatment In ProcessGeorge MontrossDesign08.09.18 - 12.21.18 In Process20$13,838,700.00$13,838,700.00