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Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Closed Alternate Fridays
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Office Location

1001 W. Center St.
Manteca California 95337

Main Office Phone Number

(209) 456-8100

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Jodie Estarziau, Chief of Police
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Operations Division Documents
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The Operations Division is the larger of the Department’s two divisions and includes all of the Department’s uniformed police officers. Operations is responsible for providing direct police response to requests for assistance. The patrol, traffic, and community service officers respond to and investigate criminal acts and public safety concerns. 

Operations includes teams that have been specially trained and equipped to meet some of the community and the Department’s special needs. These teams include Bicycle Patrol, Canine, Mounted Patrol, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (Bomb Squad), SWAT, and Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT).

For further information about the Operations Division you can email the Operations Division Commander, Captain Michael Aguilar, or call at 209-456-8124.

Bomb Squad

The Manteca PD Bomb Squad consists of two Detectives and one Sergeant. The unit is responsible for responding to and examining suspicious packages, disposal of modified military ordnance, rendering safe improvised explosive devices and disposal of explosive or hazardous chemicals and components. The MPD Bomb Squad uses various tools to safely interrogate and disrupt explosive devices (e.g. robots, X-rays, disruptor tools, etc).

Bomb Technicians must complete a rigorous six week training program offered by the FBI and the United States Army at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. This training is provided by the FBI free of charge to participating agencies and certifies the Technician to safely handle explosive related incidents. Additional training is provided regionally by the ATF and the FBI to include post-blast investigations, advanced explosive disposal training and robotic use and maintenance.

The MPD Bomb Squad is a member of the larger San Joaquin County Metropolitan Bomb Squad. The Metropolitan Bomb Squad consists of Bomb Technicians from Stockton PD, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, Lodi PD and Manteca PD. We respond to explosive related calls throughout San Joaquin County.

If you need to contact the MPD Bomb Squad, please feel free to email.

Sergeant Gregg Beall
(209) 456-8164


The Police Department Canine Unit is made up of 6 Apprehension and 1 Narcotic dog handler teams.

The Manteca Canine Unit is the second oldest canine unit in San Joaquin County, second only to Stockton PD. Training is conducted "in house" and overseen by a retired MPD K9 Sergeant. The teams train every week to maintain an extraordinarily high level of abilities.

The Apprehension dogs are trained in five phases: Obedience, Agility, Search, Protection and Tracking. As society has dictated the need and use for police canines, it has also dictated the personalities of dogs needed. No longer used are the aggressive and intimidating dogs, which were used exclusively for handler protection and locating hidden suspects. Manteca subscribes to the philosophy of tactical and useful tools within the Canine Unit, being used only when called upon to minimize the threat to an officer’s or citizen’s life.

Manteca Police Apprehension Canines can be used for situations such as:
  • Searching a building for a hidden suspect
  • Searching an open area for a hidden suspect
  • Handler protection
  • Citizen Protection
  • Holding a suspect until they can be safely taken into custody
  • Tracking a fleeing suspect
  • Crowd control
Manteca Police Narcotics Canines are trained in the scent detection of:
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Opium Products
  • Marijuana

Hostage Negotiations Team

The Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT) is a specialized unit that works closely with the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT). Both teams make up the department’s Crisis Response Unit.

The Hostage Negotiations Team was established to provide skilled verbal communicators to be utilized to assist, de-escalate and obtain a surrender in critical situations where suspects have hostages, barricaded themselves, or have suicidal tendencies. HNT team consists of two Sergeants and six Officers, who have other duties within the police department. Team members are selected through an application process, which requires supervisor appraisal, an appraisal panel and appointment by the Chief of Police.

The team conducts monthly training for a minimum of 120 hours a year. This training is varied and includes training with the department’s SWAT team, mental health professionals and other agencies. Team members also attend POST certified update courses and California Hostage Negotiators Association regional trainings and annual conference trainings as available


The Law Enforcement Explorer program is a co-ed division of the Boy Scouts of America Explorer Program. Manteca Police Post 805 has up to 20 explorers between the ages of 14 – 20 who are interested in a career in Law Enforcement. Explorers work with the department in community events and with officers in the department. Police Explorers can be seen riding patrol with officer, working DUI checkpoints, and community events. The Explorer Program made its debut in Manteca in 1967 and has been a vital part of the community ever since. Over the course of three decades the Explorer Program has been ranked as one of the best in the Nation.

Explorers compete in Law Enforcement Explorer Competitions. Our explorers have routinely taken several 1st and 2nd place trophies in these competitions. The explorer program maintains a 1947 Chevy Fleetmaster vintage police car.

Explorers are required to maintain a 2.0 grade average and have a good discipline record at school. Explorers are required to pass a background check that is consistent with background checks for police officers. To apply for the Explorer Program please contact our Explorer Advisors for more information. Officer Mike Kelly (209) 456-8237, Officer John Machado (209) 456-8197 or Officer Garret Morrison (209)456-8212.

Manteca Police Reserve Unit

Manteca Police Reserve Officers are members of the community with regular “day jobs” who serve on a volunteer basis and have the same arresting authority as paid officers. They are trained and equipped to supplement and provide professional assistance to the patrol division during emergencies and special events. Reserve officers are also qualified to ride patrol, thus enabling the police department to put additional staffing on the streets at a minimal cost since reserve officers volunteer their services. The Manteca Police reserve unit currently has an authorized strength of 25 officers. Reserve officers get involved for the betterment of their community. One of the remarkable aspects of the reserve unit is that over the years, many full time law enforcement employees have found their roots by starting as a reserve officer and volunteering their time with the department.

To apply for the reserve unit please contact the Department at 209-456-8210 for more details.

Mounted Patrol

The Manteca Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Unit was established in the 1990’s. At one point, the unit has had as many as six officers, but is currently operating with two officers. When available the Mounted Patrol Unit patrols the parks, bike paths, and special events from horseback.

The horses these officers ride are specially trained for crowd control and patrol tactics. From horseback, officers can patrol in areas where cars and motorcycles cannot go. The vantage point gained by sitting on a horse gives patrolling officers the ability to overlook parking lots, wooded or heavily brushed areas, and crowds of people much more efficiently than an officer on foot.

The horses utilized by the Mounted Patrol Unit are not pets; they are working members of the Department just like police canines. They are trained to work alone or in teams and work very well in crowd control situations. Officers can perform all necessary police functions from horseback.


The Patrol Division is the largest Division within the Police Department and is the backbone of the Manteca Police Department. It is responsible for handling calls for service, conducting pro-active enforcement, and the reduction of crime. Assisting them in this undertaking is the modern technology of Mobile Communication Terminals in the patrol vehicles, and car video systems. In addition, the patrol officer is equipped with a carrying case containing such items as cellular telephones, digital cameras, night vision equipment, all designed to assist the patrol officer in the performance of their duties. The Patrol Division is commanded by the Operations Captain who administers the Patrol Division through six uniformed sergeants supervising the 31 officers and CSO’s assigned to patrol in the 24 hour a day 7 days a week operation.

Police Chaplain Program

The Manteca Police Department’s Chaplains are known as the first responders to the first responders. They are committed to the support and well-being of the department’s sworn and non-sworn personnel and their families who may be in a professional or personal crisis, and to serve the community of Manteca in times of crisis or tragedy.

Chaplains take pride in offering assistance that is available, accessible, &confidential 24 hours a day, assistance includes:
  • Serving as the Chaplain and Pastoral Care Providers for all employees and immediate family members
  • Developing relationships and maintaining contact with all personnel through weekly worksite visits to the facilities
  • Making hospital visits to employees and family members
  • Performing funerals, including assistance with grief management, planning the funeral service, and supporting family members after the funeral
  • Acting as a member of a "Death Notification Team" of the department for any employee killed in a job-related incident or who died of natural causes while on the job, as well as assisting officers in making a death notification to a member of the community
  • Participating in new employee orientation, Citizen Academy and local service organizations to explain the Police Chaplaincy Program
  • Representing the department where it would be appropriate to have the Chaplain involved (i.e. serious illness, accidents, and funerals), if requested
  • Crisis intervention at emergency scenes
  • Search and Rescue assistance in the field
  • Follow-up services to families

School Resource Officer

The Manteca Police Department’s School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit follows the "triad" concept of school-based policing. The triad concept divides the SRO’s responsibilities into three areas: Teacher, Counselor, and Law Enforcement Officer. They educate, counsel, protect our schools and promote a positive image of law enforcement to our Nation’s youth.

The success of our SRO Unit is due to our collaborative effort with the educators, students, parents, and communities. The goal our unit is to provide safe learning environments in our schools, provide resources to school staff, foster a positive relationship with our community’s youth, and develop strategies to resolve problems affecting our youth with the goal of protecting every child so they can reach their fullest potential.

Currently, there are four full-time SROs and two part-time School Safety Officers assigned to assist the 23,000 plus students and staff of the Manteca Unified School District. The full time officers are specifically assigned to Manteca High School, East Union High School and Sierra High School, but also handle elementary schools as available. The School Safety Officers work primarily with the 12 Elementary Schools within the city limits. Officers also provide coverage to Calla High School, Manteca Day School and the Community School operated by the San Joaquin Office of Education.

In addition to regular school hours activities the SRO unit is active in other school activities including sports activities, field trips, graduation and Sober Grad.

Questions about the SRO program can be sent to:


The Manteca Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team was formed in 1983. The team was comprised of seven police officers. The original equipment consisted of handguns (revolvers) and shotguns. Training occurred one day a month. The original SWAT vehicle, an ambulance, was converted to fill the needs of SWAT.

The current SWAT Team is a multi-agency team (Manteca Police Department and Ripon Police Department). The SWAT team consists of a Team Commander, a Team Leader, an assistant Team Leader, eight operators from Manteca Police Department with an additional three operators from Ripon Police Department. The SWAT Team now has an armored vehicle capable of safely and efficiently taking the team into hazardous environments.

The SWAT Team is a designated unit of law enforcement officers that is specifically trained and equipped to work as a coordinated team to resolve critical incidents that are so hazardous,complex, or unusual that they may exceed the capabilities of first responders or investigative units including, but not limited to, hostage taking, barricaded suspects, snipers, terrorist acts and other high-risk incidents. The primary objective of the Manteca Police Department’s SWAT Team is to solve problems efficiently and effectively, using whatever means are available, whatever force is reasonable and necessary, with minimal risk to all involved.

The SWAT Team trains twice a month, ten hours each day in many different disciplines and is on call twenty-hour hours a day. The team members have all undergone intensive, specialized training, including a rigorous quarterly physical fitness qualification. The team is equipped with the newest weaponry and technology including; assault rifles, diversionary devices, less lethal weapons and video equipment which enables the team to search attic/crawl spaces without jeopardizing team safety.

The SWAT team works closely with the Hostage Negotiations Team and Tactical Dispatch. Together these units are called the Critical Response Unit and usually are activated at the same time. The units have been established to provide specialized support in handling critical field operations where intense negotiations and/or special tactical deployment methods beyond the capacity of field officers appear to be necessary. The team is also available to any local, state or federal law enforcement agency upon request.

The Manteca Police Department’s SWAT Team is committed to the community and officer safety.


The Traffic Unit was formed in 1988 and currently consists of two Motorcycle Officers and is overseen by a Traffic Sergeant.

Traffic Officers patrol using assigned Harley Davidson police motorcycles. The police motorcycles are equipped with both stationary and moving mode RADAR units to detect speeders.

The ultimate goal of the Traffic Unit is to reduce traffic collisions. This may be achieved through the application of such techniques as geographic/temporal assignment of personnel and equipment and the establishment of preventive patrols to deal with specific categories of unlawful driving behavior. Traffic enforcement techniques are based on accident data, enforcement activity records, traffic volume, and traffic conditions.

The Manteca Police Department and the Traffic Unit continue to partner with the "Office of Traffic Safety." Through this partnership, the Traffic Unit receives grants which help in the enforcement of DUI laws through DUI checkpoints and Saturation Patrols, seatbelt enforcement operations, distracted driving operations, provide traffic safety information and training to the motoring public as well as our school children plus so much more.

The Traffic Unit also has RADAR Trailers and a Sign Trailer that alert drivers of their speeds and information when traveling on Manteca’s streets. Citizens can request the trailer be placed on their streets when numerous speeders are noted. To request the RADAR trailer be placed at a specific location, please contact (209)456-8285.
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