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New Hours Effective October 1, 2016

Office Location

252 Magnolia Ave.
Manteca California 95337

Main Office Phone Number

(209) 456-8600

Kevin Fant, Parks and Recreation Director
Landscape Water Conservation

California Drought
With California facing one of the worst drought years in history, the Governor has asked residents to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 20 percent. In a dry climate, as much as 60 percent of a household's water is used for landscape irrigation. Xeriscaping, Drought Tolerant, Water Wise, Low Water Use, and Water Efficient Landscape are terms that refer to landscape water conservation. This site contains several links and helpful tools for plant selection, design ideas and general landscape water conservation. When researching plants for our area, remember that San Joaquin County falls under the Sunset Zone 14 and USDA Zone 9.

Choosing the Right Plants
Visit these sites to learn about which plants are best for our climate zone:

Sunset Plant Finder: Discover the most ideal plants based on climate, water use and your gardening style.

 UC Davis Arboretum Allstars: The horticultural staff of the Arboretum have identified 100 tough, reliable plants that have been tested in the arboretum, are easy to grow, don't require a lot of water, have few problems with pests or diseases, and have outstanding qualities in the garden.

Landscape Water Use Planning Tool: This program uses the Water Use Classifications of Landscape Species (WUCOLS), a guide to estimating irrigation water needs of landscape plantings in each of six distinct California climate regions

When Can I Water My Landscape?
Click here to go the Water Division site and view details of the City's Water Conservation Program, which is in effect year-round beginning January 1, 2015.

Click here for information on incentive Rebates.

Use These Links for More Information on Water-Wise Landscaping:


Water Saving Tips


Additional Water Conservation Sites & Links

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