Zoning Ordinance Update

The City is in the process of updating the Zoning Ordinance.  The Zoning Ordinance is the document that contains the regulations overseeing what a property owner is able to do on their property.  The regulations include the standards that oversee what can be built on the property, setbacks, height requirements, etc. The Zoning Ordinance is being updated to ensure the document is in compliance with the City’s General Plan and state law as well as to ensure it is user friendly, eliminates inconsistencies and removes obsolete text.  As part of the update some zoning classifications are being modified and others are being eliminated and replaced.  As a result some properties will need to be rezoned to conform to the new zoning designations.  As part of the Zoning Code Update, the following changes will occur to zoning designations:

The C-O (Office Commercial) zone will become CMU (Commercial Mixed Use);
The C-C (Community Commercial) zone will become CMU
(Commercial Mixed Use);
A Central Business District (CBD) overlay district designation will apply to downtown properties;
The R-4 (Multi Family Residential) zone will become R-3;
The R-3 (Limited Multi Family Residential) zone will become R-2.


The Planning Commission of the City of Manteca will hold a public hearing in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 1001 W. Center Street, Manteca, California, at, 7:00 p.m., on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011, on the Zoning Code Update and Map Revisions.  ALL persons having an interest in this project are invited to be present to testify in person, or to submit statements either in person or in writing prior to the hearing.


Please use the following link to the Planning Commission’s Agendas and Staff Reports page to review staff reports and attachments for the May 24th, June 28th, and July 12th Zoning Ordinance update workshops as well as agendas and attachments for upcoming public hearings.

Planning Division, 1001 West Center Street, Manteca, CA 95337, (209) 456-8500, Fax: (209) 923-8949